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I am a childrens illustrator in the UK.

I have illustrated books for Orion, Egmont, Franklin Watts, Random House, Harper Collins,  OUP, Orchard, Igloo, Wayland, as well as editorial and animations for UK Parliament, Barclays, Capital One and CAFOD.

I come from a family that has produced many illustrators for some reason. I was a soldier and a jungle leader in a previous life.

My work has been exhibited in the Cartoon Museum in London.

I am represented by Plum Pudding Illustration.​

Follow me on twitter for daily silliness.

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Other Clients

The Faraway Tree 10 books (Egmont)

The Land of Goodies

The Land of Birthdays

The Land of Medicines

The Land of Do as You Please

The Land of Silly School

The Land of Enchantments

The Land of Santa's Castle

The Land of Dreams

The Land of Toys

Joe and the Magic Snowman

Magic Wishing Chair (Egmont)

Holiday Adventure

Royal Birthday

Daring School Rescue

The Witch's Cat

Goblin and the Lost Ring
Santa and the Wishing Chair

Half Term Holiday

Summer Mystery

Global Heroes (Watts)

River Escape

Bushfire Rescue

Waves of Waste

Arctic Adventure

This Book is Not Rubbish (Wren&Rook)

This Book Will Cool the Climate (Wren&Rook)

This Book Will Make You Happy (Wren and Rook)

Ballydoon series (6 books C Fallon)

Late Night Snack (Dinardo USA)

The Wizard of Oz (Arcturus)

Oliver Twist (Arcturus)

The Jungle Books (Arcturus)

Robin Hood (Arcturus)

Sherlock Holmes x 16 (Arcturus)

The Night Snack (Dinardo USA)

80 Days Around the World (OUP)

Hand and Foot (OUP)

Alien Pets (Orion)

Splash Landing

Monkey Madness

Cosmic Claws

Rocket Ride

Fiction readers

Hand and Foot (OUP)

Gus the Football Cat (Egmont)

Beach Detectives (OUP)

Early Readers:

Sinbad (Collins)
The Joker (Franklin W)

Androcles and the Lion (Franklin W)

Mary & Fire of London (Franklin W)

Parrots of the Caribbean (Franklin W)

Best Vest (Collins)

Good Old Grandad (OUP)

Din on the Bus (OUP)

Lifeboat Crew (OUP)

Scoops Ups and Downs (OUP)

Ark Adventures 8 books full colour (Orchard)

Picture Books

What Pirates Really Do (Igloo)

Barmy Biographies (Wayland/Hachette)

Dotty Dictators

Potty Painters

Bonkers Boffins

Crackpot Kings and Queens

Truth or Busted (Wayland/Hachette)

Battles and Wars




Shakespear's Bottom



Best/ Worst Jobs (Hachette)





Pirate Facts (Igloo)

Behind the Scenes (OUP)

Meet the Genius (OUP)

Meerkat Mischief (Buster)

Are We There yet (Buster)

Various Joke Books (Belly Laughs USA)

Various Readers (Great Minds USA)



House of Commons

Capital One

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